To always offer excellent professional services.

To acknowledge with respect clients’ values and needs

Pursue and secure trusting and meaningful relationship with our business staff.

To work within the framework of support, action, communication within a view of

continuous improvement to service.

Establish long term partnership with our client by conducting business in transparent


Transfer business skills and knowledge among South African young entrepreneurs.

Increase sustainability and growth chances of youth businesses.

Our expert business practitioners’ partner with your business to deliver tailor-made practical solutions, affordable and fast. Since opening our doors, we have supported enormous clients – from informal business, students, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and different companies. Full responsibility is taken for certain or all accounting functions and administration, thus giving you more time for the organization, to focus on its core functions and improved service delivery. Our strong involvement with various professional bodies ensures that we are continually ahead of a constantly changing legislation.


Your Growth is our strength 

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Pakamile Mugogoshi


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Luuh Mahlangu


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Brian Pawandiwa

Chief Financial Officer

"We're not A TEAM because we work together we're A TEAM because, WE RESPECT,TRUST & CARE for each other" 

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Quality Promise

The management team is backed by committed and dedicated employees, same industry business partners with combined skills of more than 14 years which enables us to offer our clients deserved service. Our consultants give you proven advice and services at competitive prices while keeping our standard of work to the highest quality. We walk with you, assist with best business advice and expertise needed to make right long-term decisions for your business. We provide a value-added service to all our clients, go an extra mile to ensure your business get best possible service for development. Conquers Developments is small enough to focus deeply to each of our clients’ needs, committed to provide the highest levels of quality and service to your business.

Conquers' team is your trusted partner when you have a project that absolutely, positively must be there overnight. We understand every story is unique, and we are here to create a strong proactive relationship between our clients and good companies. Your vision is our path of joy, our future. Do not just take my word for it, put us into test - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service
  • Provision of caring and individualized attention to customer
  • Trust and confidence
  • Transparency in service we do
  • Priority place on improving efficiency and safeguard personal client’s information
  • Priority place on improving efficiency and safeguard personal client’s information


-SME Entrepreneur mentor and development

- Drive SME from informal business to registered companies

- We inspire, support growth and development of any entrepreneur with passion for success.

- Strive to assist community and national SME to reach government business sponsorships

- Provide information about government and genuine private sector business funding

- Provide reasonable below cost packages for all our customers

- Research and connect our clients with affiliated support for different business support they need- Encourage tendering and assist with costing

- Empower our clients with knowledge for tax compliance and business marketing skills